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Da hab ich noch ein nettes Bild zum Thema gefunden:
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2008 on So läuft das Geschäft at Beautiful Venditti
Ja, es ist wirklich unvorstellbar, wieviel Schreibfehler man auf solchen Tafeln sieht. Sehr gut hat mir auch die Beschriftung beim Gemueseladen in der Telli gefallen: "Mehr Gemüze inneinde Lade". Sehr schön ist auch das "Arehbaggli", welches bei unserem Metzger beim "Reh Bäggli" geschrieben steht..
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2008 on So läuft das Geschäft at Beautiful Venditti
We're completely in love with our hug-a-bug sling ( It's easy to put on, feels very comfy and our son loves to be in there. The child is very well fixated and feels very close. So it's also great for powerwalking or hiking (I often went on 2 to 3 hour walks in the forest when he was still below 20 pounds and never had a backache afterwards). We already had him in there when he was only 3 days old (the shoulder wraps give a good head support) and now with 2 years I still like sometimes to put him in there. Especially if I don't want to take the stroller with me or when he is sick and likes to feel me to calm down. The sling is also the best thing, if you go to very crowded places. No idea how I would have survived Christmas Shopping in London without it! has all the different hug-a-bug styles in stock. Just ordered one there as a present for a friend in Phily who expects her baby in July.
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