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I am a bad influence. Consider yourself warned.
Interests: poetry, writing, reading, makeup, running, inclusion, decorating, shopping, magazines, baseball, travel, fine hotels, obsessive trip planning, David Sedaris, reflection, Anthropologie, feats of engineering, Seinfeld, quote collecting, knitting, scrapbooking, handbags
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OHHH! Now I know which Francesco you are!! Believe it or not, I know several Francescos, one of whom was my office mate from about 2004-2005ish. Thanks again for your comment!
Frank, is that you?? :) Glad my little corner of the world could bring a little cheer to yours! Josie - I'm sorry to hear you were having a bad day, too. And yeah, I probably shouldn't be so hard on myself. Thanks for the reminder!
Tim, thanks so much. I never turn down hugs! I am quite positive there will be more hard days ahead, but I'd put down good money on the fact that, at least as far as this marriage and divorce goes, there are more hard days behind me than ahead!
Thanks so much, Kathy. It has it's moments of utter suckage, but overall, it really is for the best and usually I feel shockingly upbeat about it. The whole "waiting for the soon-to-be-ex to move out" part is tense, but that won't be much longer. I appreciate the support!
@Megan those mental note moments are tough, I know. *hugs*
@Drew - the universe was kind to me in that moment, I think. :) @webhill - she would have been telling everyone, including the Sears repair person ;) @mattmagic - yes, but I'd expect such cheekiness from you! @Karen - I'm just glad I had actually written it down. I hadn't thought about it in ages until recently! Thanks all for the comments!
@Rose they both come in so handy and feel so right in their own moments. I'm all about embracing the paradox. ;)
@Kelly - thank you so much for your kind words! @Stinky - :) I'M the lucky one to have you as a friend! @Brother - sometimes a good cry is what we need. There are a lot of ways to release emotion, and crying can be a healthy, positive one. I love you, too.
The bike contingent has checked in, I see! ;) @Tim - with the exception of Alex at the top of the list, it is totally random and somewhat stream-of-consciousness @Matt - He would SO never go for that!
You are SO right!! I'll get right on that...thanks for the suggestion @stylishboots!
Craig - culinary school in Napa sounds incredible!! I look forward to hearing all about that!
@Tim I really appreciate your friendship and support. Thanks. I think I have a pretty awesome corner and I thank my lucky stars for it every day. @Pigglet - thanks so much for your thoughts!
@webhill - thanks! Let me know if you like any of them. @stylishboots - Sorry about that. ;) It's time to upgrade!
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Let's file this one under the category "There's Always Next Year," okay?
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Mar 15, 2010
Christian, thanks for stopping in. I do offer RSS feed of my blog - the link is in the sidebar on the left under the "Subscribe Here" heading.
Great idea Ike. I hope Saban is thinking the same way.
Yes to ALL this.
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