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I've read this article and I have some serious questions. First, are UN general assembly resolutions secrer? Or better still is it the British gov't who keeps these secrets? Secondly, it seems illogical that Nigeria will vote for a seperate southern cameroonian state when they could have voted for 'southern cameroon' to join them. The SCNS has reduced itself to a toothless dog barking organization, not that it was ever something else. Dishonest in the sense that my name could be Atangana and I'll get and SCNC card and file for assylum in the U.S. I'll even get a story published in this newspaper about how the cameroonian gov't is trying to assasinate me. It sickens me when people approach me and tell me they hear there's some kinda war going on, with the gov't killing anglophone Cameroonians. I've decided to fight this by prooving that 99% of these "stories" in the U.S. are fabricated. I've found a gov't official who has agreed to work with me. For one, he's already seen that those newspaper reports and even statements by lawyers are just jokes. How SCNC build an honest state when the association right now is based on lies and forgery? I'm out to show this to the world. martha