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Paris, I'm sorry that you feel that way, and if I may I'd like offer some points: The monster situation doesn't usually happen to me anymore, but it did happen a few weeks ago, and found myself in a similar spot. I find that having a view like that slowly builds up from day 1, day 2, day 3, and you can watch as your mind takes one negative assumption, builds onto it, builds onto that, and by day 4-5 you have a complete narrative about how everything sucks. It's best to catch it beforehand (with mindfulness) but sometimes it just slips by, things like lack of sleep and so forth get in the way, and it's just there. Trying to "be positive" never helps, because it seems like BS, the more you say "I'm good, I'm good, I'm good," your mind will shoot it back like "yeah right, yeah right, yeah right, based on what?" I've found it useful to get RATIONAL about it and start reminding yourself of facts, because the negative thoughts are definitely based on lies one tells one's self, and the way to cut them is with the truth. For instance you were comparing yourself to Datuk May and things she has done. Just from reading your book and hearing about your bio team it's very CLEAR you have done a lot of work, more than most people in dharma, for other beings. It is okay to get rational with those facts to cut the lying thoughts, it's not bragging or ego really, in fact (with myself) "I can't" is usually ego in some way. I tell myself that if I feel like crap it is time wasted where I can't (at least attempt to) help other beings, so it has to be addressed immediately. Rinpoche's emphasis on action I find very true and relevant, and the action of taking the time and applying the method to get rid of those thoughts, with the right motivation, is very useful. Just like the thoughts build up from day 1, day 2, day 3, sometimes you can get rid of them as fast as hour 1, hour 2, hour 3 -- reconditioning by working on it. Anyway I'm SORRY for throwing in random advice but I hope it's a LITTLE relevant or helpful. If you didn't get my earlier comment I really enjoyed your book and found it inspirational, so I hope you get out of this funk (which many people go through), I'm sure it won't last long.
I hope that it ends up in book stores all over the world, like Gelek Rinpoche's Tara box.
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I showed part 2 to my girlfriend a few months ago, she loved it, and it is very hard to convince her to listen to a dharma talk : )
Thank you so much for spreading the dharma, Rinpoche. I constantly check your blogs, new videos, twitter, and anything available. I often prayed that I would somehow come closer to you as a student and exemplify your teachings, and coincidentally shortly after you started this blog and began posting more, and it's extremely helpful. I wrote you a letter and sent a very small gift in August 2008, and you were very generous and helped me with my practice with more gifts than I ever expected. I have taken full advantage of them, read all the texts, and have tried my hardest to keep my commitments. If you were in the mountains I would never be graced with my practice, faith, bodhicitta or anything. I was selfish and received an initiation I was hardly ready for, but tried very hard to live up to it, and the mentoring you offered was invaluable to this, as well as your inspiration in the beginning, and I will keep my commitments toward you and the dharma. Thank you!!!
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Apr 13, 2010