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Jesus Jammies? Really? I thought the Baptists had a lot of funny ideas, but that's as funny as anything in the play. I got some Book of Mormon tickets from and laughed my butt off. I highly recommend it.
Lets see how much Yellow will show up in Tampa in January of 2012. The Wreck is one of the teams I root for, and I'd love to see them give Michigan the boot. I always get tickets for the Outback Bowl from every year. It's a fun thing to do while visiting family, you know?
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Wow. This sounds like the kind of sadness that I can relate to, oddly enough. I tend to not care for plays with biting social commentary unless it's funny, so I can laugh at it. This is fanciful enough that I can enjoy it for itself. It didn't surprise me at all how truly sincere this play turned out to be. Granted I read reviews by actual Mormons saying so, but I'd been watching South Park for years. I was in New York over the summer and was able to get Book of Mormon tickets at and was not disappointed. I'm still humming "Hasa Diga Eebowai." A far cry from Disney, to be certain. I also saw several other Broadway Shows while there. I highly recommend "Avenue Q" and "Warhorse". I must like props.
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I seem to be late to this party, or perhaps early to the next. I've already gotten my tickets for this next game. I found cheap Sun Bowl tickets, as well as some cheap Gator Bowl tickets as well from I'm looking forward to the end of the year!
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So why do you feel you need to? You may be in a crowd, but you don't have to be WITH the crowd, you know? Maybe next time you should look for some cheap Broadway tickets instead. I went and saw The Book of Mormon recently myself. Yeah, it was more than $100 a seat, but I did get to sit and laugh when I wanted. I found Book of Mormon discount tickets at, and when I was done having a good time there, I was still in New York! Win-win...
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2011 on Isn't Clapping Enough? at Extra Criticum
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I had a chance to see the play when I was in New York over the summer. It was everything that was advertised, down to the crass bits about genital mutilation. I was expecting that, so I still found it very, very funny. I should say I've been a fan of South Park since the days of Jesus vs. Santa Claus, and I thought the South Park movie was great. I didn't have a problem finding tickets, btw. I found Book of Mormon discount tickets online at Go see it if you can. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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Sep 28, 2011