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pomona is the luckiest GM in the paffl.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2009 on Brett Favre Returns! at
I needed the depth. I made that mistake last year. If I kept Addai and topped Holmes, I would have had $15 cash for the rest of the auction. Sure, that gives me Holmes and Fitz... but I'd rather have Welker, Jennings, "baby TO", and the slew of WRs I drafted. If I needed a RB, I would have kept Addai. But yes... Talbott was trading from a position of power and I know that I bungled Addai's rights with my stupid antics.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2009 on '09 Auction Recap at
Also, regarding D. Rhodes... I talked with LFP about this issue. He thinks he got him for $3. I think I got him for $3. My memory of D. Rhodes is that I called him out for $1 near the end of the draft. Someone else said $2 and I followed up with $3. IMT (the guy running the auction) said going once, going twice, and then turned around to face me and said "gone" with a nod. I then said D. Rhodes, $3, Short Bus. Someone from across the way (NT? Pomona?) said something about "nice purchase" and "getting Lynch's backup" (although that last comment could have come from En Fuego). Aside from that, not sure what else to say. I liked the format... I think the expensive players need to go for a little more, as people will quickly find out upon reflection of the draft. (disclaimer: LFP maintains they got DR at $3 but has informed PASB that they can just keep him bc DR sucks anyway)
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2009 on '09 Auction Recap at
"Pomona received (a lot) RB's Joseph Addai ($55, '08) & Brandon Jackson ($9, '10), WR's Santonio Holmes ($22, '08), Larry Fitzgerald ($53, '09) & $10 in '09 for WR's Greg Jennings ($7, '08) & Wes Welker ($6, '09) from Short Bus." Addai was my 3rd or 4th RB and will cost $80. Holmes went for $34 - it was only toppers. Fitzgerald is entering his last year at $53. The money covers what i would have paid B-Jax... who I will miss most of all. I shouldn't have had to add him. I got two top 12ish WRs, both WR1's for a combined $59. So I spent $69 on my players (after including the $10) and he spent $80 + $53 + $34 + $9 = $174 on the other four. With that $105 I saved, I got Brandon Marshall and a slew of prospects. I had to rebuild a bit. It's no fun sitting at the auction and acquiring one or two players.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2009 on '09 Auction Recap at
either (a) all holdovers are announced at the beginning or (b) the decision to hold someone over happens when their name is called out by you or another owner. (ps. addai's rights are available)
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2009 on New Auction Format Loophole... at