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Toffer Peak
Santa Monica, CA
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While specific critic's reviews aren't important to me I would love to see them implement Metacritic composite scores or a similar system as that does really help highlight some of the exceptional films.
If Lala is any indication, I sure as heck hope Apple doesn't buy Netflix.
The links are working great for me. Definitely an improvement over the old links, since they allow you to quickly look the description and add the movie if you want.
"Not sure what is going one since I can download huge data files (300 MB) at 300-400 kbs and up load at 250-350 kbs but streaming movies stop after 10 minutes or so." Well that's easy, the lowest bitrate that Netflix uses on Watch Instantly is 375 or 500 kbps depending on whether it is 1st or 2nd generation video. Quite frankly 300 kbps is really slow for broadband. Just one of the costs of living in a rural area.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2010 on What Netflix Plan Are You On? at Hacking NetFlix
Yeah, but pre-screens aren't always the final product and, as I suggested above, this policy would only prevent a few legitimate reviews. This seems like it would be a fair trade off in order to prevent bogus reviews before its official release.
Adding movies before they are released in the theatres/dvd is of course a necessary feature but why the heck do they allow reviews before its American theatrical release? That would hugely cut down on bogus reviews while on preventing a few legitimate reviews.