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My doubt lies on the possibility of amending the constitution in 2011 to permit an increase in tenue of the president. Major questions disturbing my mind are; Is cameroon now trying to be a kingdom or is it still a democratic state? If the parliament wants to make the country some sort of a Kingdom then that is what I can not grasp meaning Cameroon is blessed with rich human resources. And I believe strongly that there are men of super intelect with great political conciousness. It is now high time for another Cameroonian to come out and prove to the country that some one can also rule the country. I was thinking that next round of the election will be a peacefull transition in government but I am surprise that people are again talking of ammending the constitution for continuity. It seems to me that this decision is what can be described as greed because if there is that patriotic awareness and feeling, people would not have been advocating for such a thing. It is as if people are only concerned about their own selves forgeting the poor and the neglected. Those advocating for such ammendments should please have the fear of God. From Abidjan