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As the Irish comedian said "it's the way you tell 'em" A great example of this is with Hotel towel re-use programmes. Ask a guest to save the planet and many just figure the hotel is trying to cut their operating expenses and hey, why should I do that, I paid for towels in my room rate. Now, if the hotel instead says something like "Last year, over 90% of our guests joined us in our xxx green initiative. Join them in helping us" etc. The latter generates participation level many times higher.
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2010 on Include The People at Re:Focus
This is an excellent post as a point of reference for some simple mileposts in the development of a customer relationship. Stripping it down though, the blog title is key... engagement=relationship. Analysing that, what we must all look for in engaging online is : - first - knowing who our customer is - second - knowing where they are - third - being there to tell our story and give them a chance to be part of that story. A lot of my work is in the travel space, and where I find many in travel PR (and travel journalism) are losing their way right now is with the rapid onslaught of new ways for the customer to gain and absorb information in many ways, many channels, many levels. I recently blogged ( that you can't control engagement with the customer anymore, you can (at best) mediate.... that is quite the learning curve for all of us, but particularly the PR industry.. but some are learning, and they WILL thrive.
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Jan 4, 2010