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For once-in-a-while use you could probably get a nice crop from that file, and since you are likely not going to be making a big print from it you would be ok. Otherwise, you could always just buy the shot from the guy standing on the stage. :)
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2012 on Closing the Barn Door at The Online Photographer
I've got a C3 that belonged to my grandfather, and if I recall correctly it took pretty good pictures. Mine is evidently an older model which lacks the "Flash Finder" and that meter thingie on top. My own first 35mm camera was a Konica TC, which I still have as well. I remember taking it apart and putting it back together - my Mom was horrified but it was my camera I bought with my money, and it worked just fine when I put it back together. Those old cameras were elegant in their simplicity, which made up for their looks.
Hi Mike - I just ordered 4 books from Amazon through your link. Looking forward to ordering yours.
"No pressure there, eh? What would you shoot with the final 3 frames of Kodachrome?" I think I'd shoot a portrait of Paul Simon, holding the empty box....