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Tom Halligan
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I couldn't agree more with the first sentence in your post. I came to VCE from HP and though HP is being consumed by people that do resemble your comment, I feel VCE is starting to have the same problems. There are so many people need to complete even the simplest of workflows and so many people that need to be included on phone calls that nothing actually gets done. There are WAY to many people that can't actually DO anything. Everyone has to go back to their "guy" or talk to the professional services guys to see when we can get someone to address whatever issue we are facing. It is very frustrating. My goal for 2013 was to build a home lab and this article will be invaluable. I find it odd when I hear people say "I want this training" or "I want a dev box", etc but they aren't willing to pay for it out of their own pocket. Seems crazy to spend all that money on undergrad and grad school and think that spending $1,000 on a training class and/or certification or a $200 on a SSD for their machine. To be successful in this ever-changing space that we work in, we need to continue to invest time and money in ourselves. Webinars and certifications are great but you need experience to be able to talk with customers and coworkers about what works and what doesn't, no exceptions. Thank you again for the post. I look forward to your posts in 2013. Regards Tom Halligan Sr. vArchitect VCE
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Jan 6, 2013