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Like the summary. Many good thoughts and 'stories' in Steve's life. I respect the perserverence and fail forward mindset. In my reading group iit begged the conversation on leadership style...asking if acceceptance would be the same without his success. One of my favorite perspectives, he didn't invent the iPod till his 50's. We live life too often as if the best behind us. Lastly, it challenged us as to legacy. You can't help but recount actions in the final moments of his life, Sam Walton and others who find themselves in the trouphy case of business idols, but yet when they reconcile their deeds and accomplishments they find a void in the measure of life compared to what is most important. Always good to read the life of others, regardless of their story, much to learn and unlearn.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2012 on Steve Jobs Biography at TimHowey.Com
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Sep 4, 2012