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Since the spammer brought it up., I assume George & Company here would have absolutely no objections to Big Box stores opening up here in town, and would call the family owned B&C and Hills Flat socialists if they tried to block them. After all, it's a dogpile world, by Libertarian and Bastiat Triangle choice. Who are you to pry into the the private contract affairs of the Walmart Family, which is currently undergoing a run-in with commie organizers? Walmart has a perfect right to recommend their employees take advantage of the state welfare programs, right? And the following is a perfect way to run a country:
If Romney kills Big Bird, the terrorists have won. Are you really concerned about the terrorists?
I consider the RoundDeBout art a necessary safety feature, pretty-fied. It focuses the mind on looking left, and not looking across. It will make a fitting memorial for a high speed chase someday, and perhaps the perp's vehicle can be incorporated into it. Or maybe just a textster.
BTW, I do not consider my beautiful wife a possession.
So your concern is not with your own greed which got you 5 to 7 houses (mccain) but rather with the other guy being envious of what you have, and him wanting to take it away from you so that he has it and you don't. Interesting concept.
Rebane 6:58 AM, Jesus seemed immune to such cravings, along with Albert Schwitzer and many other greatly admired leaders. That's enough reason for me. I guess you prefer the hard scrabble dogpile lifestyle as a model for the society you want to live in. Every person a type one Robert Ringer and up front about it, and who cares about those may have been born with, or inflicted with, handicaps of one sort or another. There should be no veterans hospitals, and the country could only send folks off to war who asked for compensation packages that would be adequate to make up the difference.
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It had a native population, clever sailors!
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Unless Puerto Rico had a native population, it would be very easy to find and date European fires. Coins work well too.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2012 on Columbus Day 2012 at Rebane's Ruminations
You'd think that thoe at the top would be satisfied making and amassing 10 to 20 times their wealthiest and most talented employee, but greed seems like a drug, where the addict needs more and more, and can never satisfy their cravings. Carlin says it all here: offensive to some language.
Not hard to do, I predict the Bain/Ryna fight will be the more exciting, by a long shot. Romney's switcheroo on positions held all season will be a tactic that no longer surprises. Negative ads dominate the voting scene, I don't have stats on who does the most, but this is no way to run a democractic republic.
Speaking of "local" control, the new "local" global. Don't let the back door hit you on the way out: China is making an awful lot of the routers and switches used in the USA internet. This represents a security threat to the USA. A simple piece of code hidden in some totally obscure section of the device could capture data and send it overseas, unseen, or could completely disable the device remotely. Tom's fantasy? I don't think so. I got it from here:
Geez George, what part of my description of how small businesses work do you disagree with? I voted with my feet when I could see that the boss was lying through his teeth about how soon I'd get a raise. Isn't that my freedom of choice? Please tell me, how, mathematically, everyone can become a millionaire, given this very common structure. Mechanics get $35/hour, shop rate to customers is $95/hour. Very common. Very difficult for mechanic to become millionaire, unless he quits and opens his own shop. And then we are back to square one.
I predict thta in California Big Bird will get at least 10,000 write-in votes, better than my pick of Neil deGrasse Tyson, in this Obama-safe state.
As for little old ladies leaving behind fortunes, that is entirely possible, because statistically someone, somewhere, just has to get lucky with nearly every stock pick. You know, like the Clintons and Whitewater, over and over again. This is very different from the statically much greater numbers of folks who leave fortunes made in business. In neither case do we talk about the other end of the scale, the unsuccessful and the unlucky, despite hard work and money invested (gambled).
My point still stands. Mathematically you can't have everyone a business owner, the surest way to become a millionaire. Learn to do something others will pay for. Hire others to do the work for you, pay them roughly 1/3 of the gross of what they bring in. Then set up a second shop far enough away to attract new customers without diluting your current base. Plaza Tire is a perfect example of this in action. Yes business owner is a full time overtime job, but mathematically you have to have just one at the top collecting the other 2/3rds of the cash to run the business and make those millions (or at least try to) For every artist, inventor, musician, athlete and actor out there, you have far more business folks. These basic facts are never taught in school, as they should be. School boards are made up often of business people, because the first rule of business, is "eliminate competition (better yet, squash it before it starts), any way you can, and for God's sake don't explain this aspect of financial life to everyone's kids, just pass it on at the dinner table." As for after six months wage increases try this on for size: I started at Nowell's lamps in Sausalito with a promise of a wage increase in two months, starting at minimum wage. I was starting my third month there when my experienced co-worker, there for over one year, announced he had gotten a raise. He was very good, was teaching me a lot (I can fix and construct brass lamps, drill ceramic vases, buff brass) I asked for details and found out that he now made a proud 10% above minimum wage, whoopie do, despite being an excellent worker. Boss will tell you anything, but pay you as little as they think they can get away with. I quit the next day, and went back to substitute teaching at $44/day, despite the commute.
If everyone studies real long and hard, and they all become rocket scientists, rocket scientists will be paid minimum wage. Remember back in the late 1980's, when folks who knew PageMaker got $60/hour and higher? Not anymore. Staples will hire you as a computer tech, but you will start at minimum wage.
" Anyone in this country can be as wealthy as they choose." Not really, there is a limit to the number of wealthy folks if the primary way to get there is off the backs of other working stiffs, by organizing and getting the work for them to do.
Counties should be remapped, to reflect our understanding of watersheds and ecology. As it is, two counties share common water sheds, with the boundaries 19th century conveniently drawn along the river bottoms. That way local control would be much more effective control. Won't never happen, unless an invading power takes over.
@George, 8:28 am, so if the government contracts to have solar panels purchased and installed on government buildings, like say the parking structures in Marysville and Sierra College, you have no problem with that? Who created the jobs in such cases, the companies or the government? On another note, relating to the debate, debating skills are by no means and end-all. Case in point: Long-Shot Mayoral Candidate In late 2000 Bloomberg switched his longtime political affiliation from registered Democrat to registered Republican in order to give him a better chance in the following year's mayoral race in New York City. The Democratic field was historically a crowded one in the primary race, and Bloomberg won the public support of the city's outgoing mayor, Rudolph W. Giuliani (born 1944), a Republican. Despite that endorsement, few considered Bloomberg a serious contender. “His gifts on the stump were minimal: He was brusque, infelicitous, maladroit, utterly unvisionary,” wrote John Heilemann in New York magazine. New York City's Democratic and Republican mayoral primaries were scheduled for September 11, 2001, and were halted after just a few hours of polling when two airliners hit the towers of the World Trade Center and the city descended into chaos. As Heilemann noted, suddenly “the mood of the electorate darkened. What voters wanted now was an equable hand to keep the economy afloat and the city from unraveling.” The primary was rescheduled, and Bloomberg bested his nearest Republican challenger, former Bronx borough president Herman Badillo (born 1929). In the weeks leading up to the election, Bloomberg set a new record for New York City mayoral campaign spending at $74 million. He beat the Democratic challenger, the city's public advocate, Mark J. Green (born 1945), by a margin of two percentage points
Well Paul, the beat goes on, although at not so brisk a pace, a paltry 600 million in socialists dollars to help private companies goes profitable:
Of pssible interest? You can run this on yourself as well. We are all being tracked by db Cougers.
No pankie in the Romney hankie? I doubt that very much. I would guess information on hankie because of the nature of the material. It doesn't make noise when unfolded, and, in case of discovery, a quick release of a gas up Mitt's sleeve would render the letters invisible. Mitt got caught receiving directed sound some time back. Reagan raised taxes came out of nowhere onto Mitt's mike, before Mitt answered. It would be so simple to find other footage of Mitt going up to a podium and spreading his hankie, if indeed that was a habit of his. How many other times has Mitt thrown in his towel, or his referee flag, in the past? Easy to check, if fact checkers were on the ball. Next time, cameras pointed straight down at podiums, thank-you.
Show me that is is a handkerchief that he used for anything other than cheating. Then talk about his character.
So you want a President who is a cheater and breaks the rules? You've got him! Caught on tape at the beginning of the debate.