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Glad you asked Nick. First off, the problem of food waste on college campuses doesn't disappear when students graduate. One neat job opportunity is to coordinate a Campus Kitchen at your local college. Another would be to join an AmeriCorps project which is doing similar work in communities. A recent graduate likely has developed networks that they can tap into to make change happen on their campus, whether through formal channels (such as employment) or informal activities (such as conversations with friends). If one is interested in becoming more involved in the fight against global hunger, there are a variety of paid and unpaid opportunities with folks throughout the food policy/hunger/nutrition world in domestic and international spaces. On the topic of American food waste, I'd recommend starting by getting a lay of the field with Jonathan Bloom's masterful book American Wasteland , particularly Chapter 3: The Disgrace of Plenty - The Coexistence of Hunger & Food Waste. Getting more informed about the issues and the players involved is the first step. Once the student has this information, I'd recommend doing extensive informational interviews with folks who are doing interesting work. These 20-30 minute sessions are opportunities to learn and discuss issues of mutual interest, not for a specific job per se . At the end of the interview, you can ask if there is anyone who this interesting person would recommend talking with - it's likely that interesting people know other very interesting people. By seeking out conversations that challenge your thinking on a topic and deepen your understanding of issues in which you have an interest, you can create opportunity. In the words of the psychologist Albert Bandura, you can make chance work for you by creating an environment conducive to this success. I live my life by Bandura's adage: "Chance favors the inquisitive and venturesome, who go places, do things, and explore new activities." I invite you, Nick, and other students and recent grads to do the same.
Inspiring students to have their hearts and hands follow their stomachs brings a new generation of anti-hunger advocates into the fold, channeling new voices and ideas into anti-hunger activism. Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2010 at Hunger-Undernutrition Blog
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Dec 7, 2010