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Tom Veal
Interests: Politics (conservative), Religion (Orthodox Christian), Science Fiction, Wargaming, History (particularly ancient and medieval), Shakespeare Authorship (Stratfordian), C. S. Lewis, Retirement Policy, Health Care Policy
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There’s no fundamental right to be protected from other points of view. Judge Reinhardt conceded – in fact, vigorously asserted – that California had granted same-sex couples all of the substantive rights of marriage. The popular majority was not, however, willing to accept the California Supreme Court’s philosophical opinion that a same-sex union in the same as a marriage. If one analyzes the issues the way Judge Reinhardt’s decision did, it was simply a question of, who gets to decide the State’s view on a question where taking one side or the other is unavoidable and no actual substantive right is involved? Does anyone really believe that judges should be able to overrule the electorate on matters of opinion as well as law?
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Mar 15, 2010
The object of Mr. Hodges’s bizarre analogy is, I suppose, to express his dislike of Toyota – a bunch of furriners who compete with the Obama-owned car companies. So far as I’m concerned, Toyota must fend for itself. One of my fixed principles in life is never to pretend knowledge of the workings of automobiles. As for the theological point, if Mr. Hodges believes that free will is a bad thing – well, that’s an interesting point of view, though not one that can be rationally asserted.
What I “ranted” against was the President’s narcissism, which is neither seemly nor likely to move young people to take school more seriously. I have no complaints about the mere fact that he spoke to an audience of students and think, as I said in my post, that his talk included “many fine sentiments” . Byron York has reminded us, incidentally, that Congressional Democrats denounced and investigated George H. W. Bush’s school speech, while the National Education Association passed a resolution condemning it.
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I still wonder what Mr. Hodges thinks my premise is. I think that it is that John Adams would have been reelected in 1800 but for a strategic error by his supporters in Maryland.
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I really wonder what Mr. Hodges thinks my premise is, and why he thinks that his stream of pointless remarks about Thomas Jefferson has anything to do with it.
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While the names “Kennedy” and “Jefferson” both appear in my post, no one capable of reading English could think that it compares the two men in any way. I don’t know whether Mr. Hodges is dyslexic or so consumed by anger that he has purged his mind of its rational faculties. In either case, he deserves our pity.
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Someone who writes, “the impeachment of Federalist judges became almost routine” is just faking historical knowledge. There were all of two judicial impeachments while Jefferson was President. Since Mr. Hodges’ tirade has almost nothing to do with my post, I see no point in responding.
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Of course Mr. Hodges, authority on police procedure, did not need to follow the link in my post, where he would have found this statement by a police officer about the reasons for asking someone inside a house to come outdoors: It’s done so that the officer can be more certain that the person being interviewed is not being coerced to say that everything is alright. Last year in Hewitt, Texas, we went to a hostage situation. Lady would not come out of the house but kept telling us all was OK. After a couple of hours, we said if she came to the door to tell us all was OK, we would pack up and leave. She came to the door, we pulled her out, and found the hostage taker hiding in a closet with a hunting knife. Another renter had called this in, by the way. On other occasions on domestic disturbance calls, the wife tells us she’s OK and wants to stay home. We ask her to step out of the house to talk, she gets outside and asks us not to force her to go back in. All we want to do is make sure the person being interviewed is in a safe place to tell us whether he or she really is OK or not. Mr. Hodges and I do agree that yelling irrationally at policemen is a good way to get arrested – even if one is, like me, a person of pallor.
New Haven, faced with threats from a gang of racist bullies, caved in. That’s the ugly tale that Justice Alito recounted in his concurring opinion. Michael Barone has conveniently summarized the facts. Mr. Hodges thinks that the city did the right thing. As Michael Barone says, that view is “typical of liberal elites who are ready to ratify squalid political deals – and blatant racial discrimination – in return for the political support” of hatemongers. Such is governance these days in a liberal university town. It may remind some of us old enough to remember of the machinations and contrivances of Southern white officials and agitators employed to prevent blacks from registering and voting. Courts that didn’t play along with those “machinations and contrivances” were accused of being “radicals”, too.
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The “world watched” Tiananmen Square, too. Lot of good “watching” did.
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There are moments, I must say, when Mr. Hodges overtops himself. I am, as should be obvious to the meanest intelligence, all for “meddling” in Iran’s affairs. Mr. Hodges, Pat Buchanan, the Mullarchy and (until this afternoon) Barack Obama are not. So that makes me a “bedfellow” with the mullahs? Surely the strange bedfellows are the assorted leftists, paleoconservatives and Islamofascists who think that tyranny, oppression and fraud are, ahem, a “normal and healthy development”.
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I had supposed that even Mr. Hodges knew the difference between Iran and Iraq. How silly of me.
Peter Hodges sent the following response, which for unknown reasons he wasn’t able to post as a comment: No. It is not a question of whether or not Jews can live in Palestine. It is a question of sovereignty. Let us suppose that the occupied territory that is Palestine is released from occupation. Must the Jews then depart? Not, I suggest, if they accept Palestinian sovereignty. Is this not what Palestinians must do when living in Israel? Why isn't what is good for the goose good for the gander? Mr Veal never offers this proposal. Instead, he characterizes what, from the Palestinian point of view is the Israeli land grab, in quaint Israeli partisan terms, ie: family expansion. I say, let the Jews who want to live in Palestine pay for their land and live under Palestinian rule, the same way they live in Brooklyn under US rule. Meanwhile, Israel can remain safe for those who want to live in the homeland. What's wrong with that? pbh Me: The proposal that “Jews who want to live in Palestine pay for their land and live under Palestinian rule” is what the Palestinian Authority rejects. The PA imposes the death penalty on any Palestinian who sells land to a Jew, and it has unwaveringly insisted that the future Palestinian state must (like most of the Arab world) have no Jewish inhabitants whatsoever.
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Mr. Hodges’ misplaced emotionalism is his own problem. I shan’t speculate about its origin. As for his empirical research, it still doesn’t explain why whites are so underrepresented in the Auburn General ER at midnight. He does, however, seem to have solved half the puzzle: There are few blacks in the ER at noon, because not many blacks live in the area.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2009 on Can Anybody Figure This Out? at Stromata Blog
Seeing Mr. Hodges hyperventilate is so much fun that I really must think of other ways to upset him. We retired old codgers need our hobbies, after all. It is also refreshing to discover that there is at least one person in the world who has no concept of the use of scare quotes.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2009 on Can Anybody Figure This Out? at Stromata Blog
A possibility, except that the population of Auburn is overwhelmingly white. In the 2000 census, blacks were only about 2½ percent.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2009 on Can Anybody Figure This Out? at Stromata Blog