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Tona Cornelius
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Hi Chere - great article and very much on point in this current legal economy! Will forward to other experienced paralegals for a must read.
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Mar 22, 2017
Dan - I am currently in the ruin of a godly marriage as a result of my husband developing a "friendship" with our neighbor who he led to Christ. This relationship engulfed our children and the secrecy is in a nutshell like a cancer. This "friendship", on its third year now has completely destroyed our family and our marriage is well - a shell. He took off his ring last May and lives like he is a single dad and an unmarried man. This relationship continues even though it was agreed to stop by all parties two years ago. It was supposedly a "spiritual" relationship - all I have to say is "baloney." It takes spiritual maturity (like described in Hebrews) to be able to have what you call a "cross gender friendship." This friendship however has to respect the boundries that the Lord has put in place for marriage and frankly, too many folks (my husband included) have bought the lie of Satan and have done a great deal of harm to their neighbor. BTW - your wife or husband qualify as your neighbor and a friend who is willing to harm your wife or husband for the sake of "friendship" is not a friend at all, but a pawn for the enemy. There is no fear in agape love, for fear involves torment. Please remember that Jesus knows our weaknesses or He wouldn't have bothered correcting the Pharisees on their view of adultery. When a husband or wife puts you on notice that a cross gender friendship has crossed the line - please exhort folks to do as Paul told Timothy to do - flee! Agape. Tona
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Mar 27, 2011