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Knock it down and quick, it's almost as if these things breed.
The banning of free speech is also happening in the U.K.. A bill will soon be passed giving government snoopers the right to monitor what everyone puts on the web including E mails. Part of this bill will also be used to monitor phone calls and mobile phone calls. The excuses given for such action is to keep tabs on terrorists, criminals and to restrict access to porn sites. With legislation like this it's all a matter of opinion as to just who are the terrorists and criminals, the government, the law breakers or foreign immigrants? There is no bigger crime than the banning of free speech. Free speech is the foundation of democracy which is fast disappearing into the setting sun.
Sajid khan You can take that book of filth, the Qu'ran, and shove up a pigs arsehole, along with Allah and that pervert dog-head No-Ham Ed.
The Establishment in Britain is deliberately trying to turn the word "Muslim" into an issue of race. It is sickening to see these tow-rags sucking up to this vermin in order to get their vote. Some of us no longer vote for the three main parties as we rocognise them for what they are. They are the biggest bunch of traitors since William Joyce a.k.a. Lord Haw-Haw. We recognise that the vermin of Islam are the biggest threat to civilised society in the western world. We are continually trying to break down the official vale of protection that has been thrown around this evil cult by those corrupt politicians in power. But we need not only Britain, but the whole world to wake up before it's too late. If any politician or any other person of power is seen as harbouring these vile uncivilised creatures, then he should be exposed for what he is, the lowest of the low.
Islime. Religion of pieces, human pieces. Cult of death. Religion of peace? I think they got their spelling wrong.
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Jan 8, 2011
I don't watch movies theyre nearly all rubbish
Are there any B.N.P.bloggers about
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Jan 7, 2011