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If paywalls on scientific articles are killing kids by withholding drugs, I shudder to think of the genocide that's been wrought by pharmaceutical patents! I'm being glib, of course. The reasoning is similar for both IP protections-- research isn't free. Journals have to charge to ensure a high quality of editorship, to maintain the quality of the work therein. That said, articles of this sort are, by definition, an accounting of facts, so they DO get de minimis copyright protection. You can freely summarize and paraphrase and sidestep any infringement claim. Only when you actually copy an article or a substantial portion of an article-- word for word-- are you committing infringement. The protection is as "de minimis" as it gets.
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I'm not here to read comments, I'm here to watch.
Carly's got it spot on. Additionally, the amount that someone takes isn't a hard and fast rule-- even 2 seconds of your video could be infringing if they were "the heart of the work". Rich's transformative fair use of copyrighted material creates a new, original work of authorship, which he has exclusive rights to. The Insider lifting it in this way, with no transformation (as carly mentioned), constitutes flat-out infringement.
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