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Toni Carrell
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I have taken photos of food in restaurants-- everything from hamburgers and dim sum to oysters, caviar, prime rib and crème brûlée at fine dining restaurants. I don't use flash, just ambient light, and I don't make a big deal about it. I have, on occasion, used a small Gorilla tripod. It was not obtrusive and sat on the table for less than a minute while I got the shot and then went right back into the camera bag. I do not feel that it distances me, disconnects me or takes anything away from my enjoyment of my meal, nor anything from my companions. Of course, I'm not carrying a giant, digital or otherwise SLR. Just a little point and shoot. The sounds it makes are barely audible when it is against my face and nobody at nearby tables has as much as looked my way so I'm certain it doesn't bother them, either. I have never taken a photo of a server, but I have taken a few photos of particularly beautiful restaurant dining rooms. Do I ask permission of the diners or staff to do so? Hell no. It's a public place. Most public places have surveillance cameras now, so one must assume one will be photographed if one leaves home. There is a difference between a quick snapshot and the kind of photo shoot Chef Achatz has described. I'm sorry it bothers him so much but I'm glad he also sees how people blogging about his restaurant brings in diners. I don't have a single photo from one of my most memorable dining experiences: sitting in the middle of a soul food barbecue joint watching a documentary about the KKK on their TV. It was positively surreal! While you are right about me not being able to capture the entire experience I really enjoy the photos, and the memories prompted by the photos, long after the dinner is over.
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Mar 29, 2010