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Toni Elaine Maxwelltuck
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Feb 15, 2012
Hey Mary,,,, You were very lucky to have had the wonderful time with your Dad. Some never have that luck or even wanted. And yes, your life was always based on his needs and care...but, now he is in a better place so to speak...Or we all want to believe and you have been given the gift of Self back. So what does Self want to do ??? Catch your breath..spend a little time with your family...but, find your MUSE ..You are a very talented and gifted woman. You have a supportive husband and,, I say start showing off your talents....Be all you can be..there is nothing in your way...Get your butt out of the bed in the mornings and see all you have and know all you have loved and Show me the way to finding out who I am...(haha)...Really you have a lot to give to the world ...NOW start Strutting you stuff... I hope you dont think I am being BOSSY ....Just know you have to move forward..And upward. Do the things that make your heart jump with pride....we will be with you..... Take care my friend ,,love your dad as you know he loved you...and show your family how much you love them and see their PRIDE..Love ya .......
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Jan 11, 2010