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I have a question as well. In 2010, my supervisor came to me and informed me that my nursing license was expired. I had paid the renewal fees before the deadline, and the charge went through on credit card. I was unaware of my license being expired. After contacting the State Board of Nursing, I found out that the IRS placed on hold on my license for 2009 state taxes. I was not aware of this hold. I obviously was asked to clock out from my employer. I paid the State taxes immediately which removed the "expired" from my license. This took the Nursing board almost 2 weeks to take off the search site for nursing license. Then the status on my license went to "valid to practice while being reviewed". I again called the State Board of Nursing and found out that the State Attorney General had also placed a hold on my nursing license . I also was unaware of this hold. I was an MDS coordinator at a facility with barely any training. During an audit that year, the auditor brought to my attention that I had "backdated" some assessments. These assessments were dated per my supervisors instructions. I received the letter from the Attorney General clearing my case. I have been unemployed for almost 3 months now. I have not been able to find a job. I have had a couple interviews out of applying for over 100 jobs. Interviews go well, but no calls. I know it is this "valid to practice" on my license. This has totally ruined my life. It has cost me so much since I've lost my job. Is there anything I can do? They can put the hold on it and ruin my life, but they can't remove it when they realize that you have done nothing wrong?
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Apr 5, 2011