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w, I think you missed the last part of his post: "So, how do we, as fallen humans inclined to deny God, have the ability to choose God? Well it appears that God (in His sovereignty) works at the level of our nature rather than at the level of our choices. God changes our hearts first, so we have the freedom to choose something we would never have chosen before (because our nature prevented us from doing so). You and I then have the freedom to choose within our new nature, and we are, of course, responsible for those choices." J. Warner states that God changes our hearts before we can choose. Clearly this would be the gift you are talking about wouldn't it?
J. Warner, Great blog post and I completely agree. The only thing is, you don't seem to "practice" this truth in your apologetics. I never hear you talk about the work of the Spirit in wooing and convicting unbelievers. You seem to put all the emphasis on man's ability to craft clever arguments. I am not saying that God cannot or does not use us and our apologetics to bring people to Him, I'm just saying that it would be nice to hear you be more balanced in regards to giving God the credit for bringing people to Himself. Regardless, I do appreciate your ministry and hope you do not take this in a negative fashion.
RonH, I think so yes. It seems to me that if she had taken the time to look for an answer she would have found one. It was a simple misunderstanding on her part between absolute and objective morality. There appears to be a deeper reason as to why she rejected Christianity and she's using her question to deflect the real issue it seems to me.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2013 on Burden or Freedom at Stand to Reason Blog
An audience member asks Dr. William Lane Craig the same question Rachael Slick says caused her unbelief in God (video is only 2 minutes):
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2013 on Burden or Freedom at Stand to Reason Blog
I agree with WisdomLover. That comment jumped out at me as I was reading the post. Melinda, I am curious what yours or Greg's response would be to her question that supposedly was her undoing: "If God was absolutely moral, because morality was absolute, and if the nature of “right” and 'wrong' surpassed space, time, and existence, and if it was as much a fundamental property of reality as math, then why were some things a sin in the Old Testament but not a sin in the New Testament?"
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2013 on Burden or Freedom at Stand to Reason Blog
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Jul 3, 2013