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Thank you for taking the time to test. Getting compost out of any compost bin present challenges. The HOTBIN door is bigger than normal beehive types to help, but we can’t avoid the getting down and dragging it out. Getting the door back needs a wipe around to ensure nothing is lodged in the seam. Once back on, it does not normally pop off, but it can slip open a few mm and create a gap. It is important to use the straps as we need to prevent any odour getting out (it could attract flies and vermin) and as you found, if the door is ajar the heat is lost and you end up with a ‘cold’ compost bin. We looked at making the door a tighter fit – but that meant it was so stiff customers could not get it off. The emptying usually takes place about 3-4 times a year – so the fiddly bit with cleaning around the door and getting it back on and strapped up against the benefits of hot composting all year round seem to a fair trade to us. We respect your view is not the same.
With a bit of physics (Newton's law of cooling), a bit of biology (rate of biochemical reactions) we can tell you the answer without leaving the comfort of our chair! A properly maintained 1m3 heap can hit 60C - but it will only say hot in the centre. The average UK home produces 500 litres of food waste a YEAR. The 1m3 heap needs 1000 litres to start AND a big dollop more each and every week to keep it going at 60C. Cats love a warm spot - but warm not hot. I'm dubious it would sit on a surface at 40C (baking desert sun) for long and certainly not on a 60C surface at all - it would scold itself.
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Jan 16, 2012