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Tony Dockery
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Hulu would not be anything special by doing that...If I had Cable(I don't by the way)what would I need hulu for? More thanks I canceled my subscription once I realized I was only paying for commercial television..which in General suks.Cable and satellite companies wont relent and realize that the internet is the future..there only mission is to provide us Internet services and let us watch what we want...let us pay for subscriptions to our favorite channels and quit force feeding us 100s of them in expensive models...we wont take it any more..
Well my two cents would be HBOs Rome series that was a killer show that died before its time..seems shows like that draw a lot of attention much like Stars Spartacus....but then I also like it when they just surprise us with some innovative new shows and not cling to the past...
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May 7, 2012