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Beth has a focus on plastic. Meepster touches upon focus. Dr. Suzuki has great influence in Canada, a foundation for good environment works and a many faceted web presence. But what about focus? Dr. Suzuki, A real leader brings public focus to the prime problem and the priority cure for same. This sea of information on your blogsite is entertaining to some, but a diversion that makes Exxon, Chevron and GM SMILE. Debate - procrastinate - Too late! The priority must be the retrofit of carbon scrub-tech for the tens of thousands of Coal-Gen plants world wide. US power is 52% Coal-Gen. China and India are even more invested in Coal-Gen… along with Africa*s massive liquifaction Coal plant.. the world*s most prolific pollution generator. Dr. Suzuki, please, where is YOUR prime focus? ======================== = TG First, CPP's go-ahead to their share of the AMP-Ohio coal plant is contingent upon the results of an independent assessment by an engineering consultant (to be selected) of the viability of implementing the ECO2 CO2 carbon capture technology developed by Powerspan Corporation of New Hampshire. This technology, essentially a CO2 scrubber, is designed to remove 90% of CO2 emissions from the plant's flue stream, and is being tested in pilot scale at the R.E. Burger powerplant owned and operated by First Energy (NYSE: FE). If the assessment indicates that the Powerspan ECO2 CO2 scrubber technology is not-ready-for-primetime, CPP is out of the deal. Second, assuming the new coal plant is built, AMP-Ohio is committed to retiring its 1950's vintage Gorsuch coal powerplant. Clearly, replacing an old relic with a new plant benefiting from 90% CO2 capture will lead to substantial CO2 emission reductions, relative to the status quo. ================== Thus, there is more to the story than might initially appear to the casual reader. ================= Assuming that both of the above conditions apply, the construction of this new coal plant is actually a good idea, not a bad idea. The moral of the story is that environmental advocates need not have a rabid knee-jerk reaction against new coal plants, if new coal plant construction results in substantial CO2 emission reductions. =============================== = TG PS: Canadian Government refuses license to 2 Electric Vehicle Mfrs .. even though they comply with DOT regs. Mansbridge news clip: Guess Exxon, Chevron, Shell, GM et all whispered into Harper*s ear. = TG
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You make a lot of good points.. ** She doesn*t even know what green is!** Exactly!! Thank the MSM. You and I are just becoming aware of how how heavenly it would be to own an electric vehicle and never have to buy gas. They don*t even know what an *EV* is. Oil Expert Sandalow is a breath of fresh air.. He is crisp and clear about the most central of points during a recent interview now on video. author of...Oil free America, He should be familiar to all households in North America but that would take Million$ in promotion or a sudden encounter with some fluff like Paris Hilton. E8.. debate… Exxon loves it..Debate and procrastinate. Similar to Global Warming debate.. Debate is a diversion. Exxon,Chevron, GM and Magna Auto Parts et all, love it. Time for practical clean-up action. News tip… Canadian government refuses to grant domestic sales licenses to both Zenn [Quebec] and Dynasty [B.C.] EV manufacturers. The Zenn vehicle is an award winner in other countries. Both comply with DOT regs. CBC video news clip.. [Mansbridge] ====================== Bio-fuels have some merit … Canada has two stations serving more than one grade of bio fuel…[Whoop-de-do].[/sarc] A UN approved campaign to retro-fit thousands of coal-gen plants with various clean technology would make vastly less city smog. North America is 96% dependent on one single vehicle fuel .. OIL. [Brazil =75% cane based Bio-fuel.] [Which is the banana republic now?] A swing to battery, compressed air and clean coal-gen would really reduce pollution. [Paris taxis and Tata motors India= cars on compressed air.] …would lower the value of oil. …would lower tensions in the M.E. …would reduce health hazard smog in cities. …would lead to a kiosk road tax collection system …would enrage Exxon, Chevron and GM, financial backers of both Dems and Reps; Libs and Conservatives, not to mention the wrath of Alberta and Texas. …would lead to unemployment and tax losses during transition. …would be the correct an honorable thing to do. = TG
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