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See this is why I DON'T READ THE USER COMMENTS. People can't just post no they have to use offensive language. I am deleting this bookmark from this page.
My queue is all messed up bad. Do not I repeat DO NOT link your account with anything. NO THIRD PARTY APPS or using sites like FeedFlicks. I linked FeedFlicks with my queue and not everything is mixed up. Now I got to spend time fixing this mess. This is the problem. Don't use queue managers.
Well a bunch of my items moved all over the place in my instant queue. This is not just consolidated seasons but some movies too. I did not run no third party apps or anything. Super annoying. I like having my queue in the order I want but NF thinks it can reorder it the way they want.
I had no problem using Netflix during the whole outage. I watched the rest of Avatar The Last Airbender, great cartoon. The only annoying part was when I loaded Netflix I had to try to sign in twice and then back out and then it did not bug me anymore.
I had the same problem when I used third party iPhone apps to manage my Queue. Many of them are broken. If you try to move your instant queue they just give you a error message. One of them iQueue won't even let you move items into your instant queue but even if you just run it once it will mess up your instant queue and move many shows to the bottom. I deleted all of these apps except the official Neflix app and just move items in my instant queue right on and so far it has been over a month and none of my items moved. iPhone and Android users I would not bother with third party Neflix apps and those will reorder your queue.
I already have this movie on Blu-Ray. Although Netflix does have good looking movies in HD I will take my Blu-Ray over the cruddy Starz Play SD version.
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Apr 1, 2011