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Desean is so small he looks like Erkel.
Thanks for writing the commentary I wish I could...
You guys should get C.R. to do a line art black and white vector image of the Phanatic and let your readers Photoshop some of their own stylings. I think you'd get your TEA-BAGGING phanatic! PS. We did put all the images in a clickable gallery if you need it...
After 9/11 the government made it a practice to have under-cover marshalls on planes. I think that MLB needs to think about under-cover Linbackers, ala Terry Tate Office Linebacker, to anonymously patrol baseball stadiums. That effort by the "Ballimore" cops was laughable. And as a fan, I'd like to see something between tazing and this non-effort. A geeky drunken kid running around for five-15 seconds and then violently being knocked off his feet by a pro? Everybody wins...
The Player is the constant in this equation. The variable is the FAN. You've got an adorable tween vs. a fatass in the green phillies apparel that, let's face it... after March, screams I think baseball is a drinking game that I am going to win. Jason gets a pass from me... and I bet the kid in the fauxhawk had to drive his dad home! Great Blog BTW!
That is the worst mohawk ever.
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Jul 10, 2010