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I have not made any heavy responses to #ETAG for a number of reasons, partly because I am of a similar mind to a number of members on the group or to submissions already made. However, in response to bother Josie's original article and the subsequent discussions I would like to raise a few things. Learning through technology is not something new and is not unique to schools and other academic institutes, and this is sometimes lost. Without harking on to days gone by, a collective meeting of stakeholders in the UK assessments systems (back in 2009) showed that the methods for online assessment used in other training sectors were not being looked at by the then boards / agencies. The structure of the curriculum was being quoted as the barrier here, and yet the present changes to the curriculum seem to move even further away from the chances for online assessment or assessment when ready. Josie, your comment about looking at alternative routes hit to the heart of this. I have to admit that I have little trust for boards and publishers when they have such close ties. I am thankful that Josie is like a number of members of ETAG, and they accept that a number of people within schools and their communities have a significant amount of expertise that can be drawn on to direct the possible changes ... Crispin, there are a number of application-specific technologies already in education, but they are often tied in with curriculum specific content (i.e. apps or technology designed to target a specific section of the curriculum) but the market is surrounded by spin and politics rather than outcomes. The other issue on this is when presenting research on the success of these specific technologies there will always be questions about whether the technology had the largest impact or simply having a strategy for change made the difference. I am more interested in people understanding change and how they plan change, rather than tying people down to specific technology or content.
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Jun 25, 2014