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The first night I though Malik was a disaster. Man has he come out of his shell. My wifeis gonna be pissed when I watch all 3 games back to back to back...
Who fucking cares? There are no players since they have fucked up the draft on D since 2002. FF Andy Reid and the all about the dolla Yo front office can't make the right decisions to save their fucking lives and Vick doesn't have the misenplace to ever win it all CASE CLOSED! The only real hope is that when Andy is gone Spags can stay on with the team as D coordinator but they will find a way to fuck that up too.
If anyone doesn't understand the Tebow hype this picture pretty much explains it.
Over the years I've seen many a Phillyfan resort to throwing punches at the drop of a hat. Usually for no good reason so this doesn't surprise me one bit. It's an embarrassment to the rest of us when neanderthals such as these rear their ugly heads.
He's fucking crazy because he tweeted a pic of his thermos? You really come off as a bit of a dick in the short time I have been checking out your blog Kyle. Personally I am tired of rich athletes and all the fucking cliches thrown out left and right. It's refreshing to see someone like Bryz actually show a little personality.
You are not alone. I hate this team whole heartedly and want my Eagles back. Problem is my angst goes all the way to the top for making us deal with fat fuck as long as we have. Go Giants!
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2011 on I Hate This Team So Much at Crossing Broad
Great stuff but I already watched Breaking Bad. I wonder if we can get the Cartell to come and get FF and take him back to Mehico.
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Oct 23, 2011