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If the NYTimes wants Obama to win, then they don't want Cain out. Cain vs. Obama? Please, it'd be over before it started. Really. Cain is not a threat.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2011 on It was Perry All Along at Atlas Shrugs
This is bogus. Pretending that you're doing this for anyone other than yourselves is simply laughable. Isn't it likely that libraries, who are facing serious cuts and closing, will just not be able to purchase additional eBook copies? And do you realize how many people read books from libraries and then go out and buy the ones that are wonderful for their own shelves or e-readers? I do that frequently. Now, I'll just avoid your titles. In trying to "help" authors and booksellers, you've made sure that thousands of people who spend a great deal of their income on books will spend their money elsewhere. Since some publishers don't even allow electronic copies to be checked out at libraries, I've got a ton of great, lesser-known authors on my shelves and in my reader. From people who give a damn.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2011 on Open Letter to Librarians at Library Love Fest
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Mar 1, 2011