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Tor H Tor
The Place Of The Skull, West Virginié
Tor Hershman is The Amazon River of Consciousness
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Harold, owes me for "Stripes." He'd do ANYTHING to get outta payin'-up ...or down, for that matter.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2014 on Harold Ramis, 1944-2014 at Some Came Running
tor hershman atheist tee-shirt design - it's free for you to DL and use. Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2014 at Tor H Tor's blog
Hey naw hey naw hey naw
I question Sci's commitment to "Question everything" with my video "The Origin of Jesus Christ (Parts I & II). Also, I have proven, yes-Proven, that there is no meaningful God and/or Satan. Stay on groovin' [Though hardly universally questioning] safari, Tor Hershman
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Here's a song that 'twere quite popular with the Founding Fathers. You may recognize the melody. NOTE: This the second, ever, recording and first video of the number. )))(((((( (*)...(*) ....v.... [____]---{ Ain't that a hoot? }
Well, Mr. Herren, how's 'bout a lill' AMEN HOTEP (the IV, that is) Now this is interesting BUT totally not unexpected...yesterday moi checked-in @ me MySpace page, hadn't been there in a couple of years, ONLY to post at Artie Kornfeld's MySpace. I wrote how I had purchased his "A Time To Remember" solely upon the strength of the jacket's artwork BUT became completely enraptured by the super-hippiesque songs. Anywho, I checked today and my post ain't there & must be one of Artie's MySpace Friends to post a message. & now (& HOW) your best Kermit The Frog voice ain't easy being #1 on the Must Ignore At All Cost List. Glory to young master Scharpling & Ken Levine the ONLY two show-biz people to not be 100% under the The List's domination...not that any of this matters. Stay on groovin' safari, Tor
Can you heart stand the shocking facts about Tor Hershman's, the world's greatest Elvis impersonaTOR, death?
Wayne Resnick - KFI AM 640 More Stimulating Talk Radio. Man, KFI is illy whack Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2013 at Tor H Tor's blog
tor hershman , tor hershman , Tor Hershman Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2013 at Tor H Tor's blog
Wha-da-ya think, apples grow on trees?!?!?! I use that comment a big, ole bunch when dealing with Economics.
)))(((((( (·)...(·) ....U.... [____]
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2013 on The Good vs. The Desirable at PEA Soup
)))(((((( (·)...(·) ....U.... [____]---Let go, monkey
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2012 on No more Planet of the Apes at Intermezzo
Well, well, here's about you have the "HAIR" parody....."SKIN>" Ain't that a hoot?
This video erases the AntiChrist
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2012 on Please Erase in November at Silenced Majority Portal
There's only one side ANY of those folk is on and that's the side of Apes Of Greed, which always leads to this True/False???
Betters? Moi's Betters?? HoHoHaHaHee, thou art most amusingly droll, David. Here, allow moi to share me wee vid, just did "Jesus Christ [is the] AntiChrist." Now, ain't that a hoot 'n a 1/2?
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2012 on Our Betters Speak at davidthompson
Of course the groovinest groove on groovin' safari must be this SuperStar parody "Jesus Christ [is the] AntiChrist." Ain't that a gas?
One reason to doubt that three billion people are correct about the nature of Hay Zeus.....'s that for a theory? Beats their Theory of God, don't it?
The chronic disease is life.
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)))(((((( (*)...(*) ....U.... .[____].---{...then we'll get a tan standing in...}
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He needed to follow the directions @ my "Quest For The Holey Tail" YGroup more closely.
Because we humans, en masse, are incapable of a true civilization only the Jungle Or Zoo that we have. SOGS, Tor
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The Festival Of Lights is truly fantastically beautiful.