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This is by far the best thing I've read all day. Made my day. I am anxiously awaiting the catastrophe that is MC's Odette. I am even more pumped for the review. They're going to need to use a lot of MIST on the stage to hide the bad technique.
Ugh. I, too, am completely through with MC's professional BS. As a pre-professional student, I think she sets a bad example with her raunchy Instagram photos, and making excuses for all her shortcomings. It just allows the next generation of ballerinas to become lazy and willing to settle for just so-so technique. Everywhere I turn, it seems as if I am hearing different excuses from her. Obviously she does not have a body that is ideal for classical ballet, but it is very possible for one to work to make their physique as balletic as possible (without having an eating disorder, mind you). She seems to be making no effort. I find it insulting that she is putting more work into publicity than her technique and artistry, while real artists with very capable bodies are slaving away in the corps. If she can will whatever she wants, maybe she should will her technique to be cleaner and start controlling that ghastly hyperextension.
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May 12, 2015