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Tori Taff
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YES! (And add a hearty Amen and a church hanky wave, from me to you.)
Beautifully, beautifully expressed, as always. I think one of the many things I admire about you is your unflinching ability to look at the deepest parts of yourself and call them what they are. Precious few of us really have the courage to do that-- I know there are many times in my life that I have much preferred to flinch! But you are definitely the better for it, and so are all of us lucky enough to have crossed your path.
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Leisa, This post should be required reading for every parent. Period. I started to say, 'every parent with a differently-abled child, regardless of the diagnosis', but the truth is? We ALL need to understand the journey. Beautifully written, eloquently expressed.
OK, that just totally made me teary. Yeah, he's 'that' Russ Taff, and we actually wrote that song together, so your story REALLY gets to me! No wonder our lyric resonated with you; it was your heart-cry prayer, too. It never ceases to amaze me when God does that... He takes something that feels so personal, so singular and then drops it into another person's life at just the right moment-- and it feels like it was written specifically for them. And in your case, maybe it was! I love hearing that our words helped bring you back to Jesus. In your ministry, I'm sure you've heard stories like that about your words, too, but it never ever fails to make you feel humbled and honored, does it? So thank you for telling me your story-- and I am definitely passing this on to Russ!
OK, I am loving this! And YOU-- but in a completely non-sexual, non-pole dancing, non-everything kind of way. I do not want to get on the wrong side of your hot Latina wife. My husband, Russ Taff, has a similar background to yours, but the belligerent, violent alcoholic father in his life was also a Pentecostal pastor. Annnnnnd that right there? Has been enough, all by itself, to wear out several perfectly good therapists over the years! Russ has dealt with that whole 'What does it truly mean to be a man? What does it truly mean to be a man of God?" thing for most of his life. He is in a good, positive place right now, but it has been a long, often harrowing, journey to get here. The scars are real, and permanent. But his willingness to continue to show up, do the work and prove that DNA does not have to be destiny have kept me here for 34 years--because I can believe in and trust someone who faces his 'stuff' and keeps on trying to figure it out and be better. You strike me as that kind of man as well. Thank God there are some guys like you in the pulpit.
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Jul 21, 2011