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You can look at medical technologies coming out everywhere that are cloud connected. Apple's Health app in iOS 8 that aggregates all the sensors and data from other apps and devices... the medical field is prime for a tech revolution. Especially when having your medical records and history available is something CRM does exceptionally well, CRM for the healthcare industry could use some great new advancements that I'm sure many are already getting ready. Brad Hodson JobNimbus,
It's all about a dedicated and consistent outreach that provides consistent results. This is first and foremost the job of the marketing team to reach out to new potential leads, but it's also sales' job to not only follow up with them but also to help the marketing team to guide their messaging and help them to succeed. It's a group effort, but keeping everyone on the same page using CRM and project management software will help assure the entire company's success through culture and message parity. Brad Hodson JobNimbus,
One thing you have to be careful of is to make sure that #3 and #5 don't ever come in contact with each other in a negative way. If you're automating too much, you're probably leaving out the personal, human-element which is the key foundation for solid relationships. Don't leave everything to the machines. Use your humanity to earn better business. Brad Hodson JobNimbus,
Definitely seems like a great solution for email-heavy workflows, but a lot CRM needs revolve more around what happens to the customer after the initial sale, too. That's where I think this solution becomes insufficient for those companies looking for a broader view, especially when it comes to follow through, retention, and repeat sales. Brad Hodson JobNimbus,
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May 27, 2014