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Hi Andy, I hear you completely that click-to-call solutions need to have intelligence and relevance. And that is why we created jaxtr, a social communications company. The "intelligence" part of jaxtr comes from the fact that it allows you to easily manage which calls can ring your phone and which calls shall go to voicemail to be screened by you. Also, we have sophistication built into our backend that detects and prevents spam before it hits your phone/voicemail. The "relevance" part of jaxtr comes from the fact that it uses click-to-call as a convenient way to distribute a local phone number to your callers, so that anyone that clicks on your jaxtr widget online gets a local phone number for you added to their phone. Give it a try and let us know whether this is coming closer to your vision of where this industry should head towards :)
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2007 on Something's Missing.... at VoIPWatch