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Eh-long time reader, first time commenter? You forced me to go through the process of answering my own security questions on paypal-I forgot my password--they've blocked ebay at work, so I don't use it very often anymore, but Zionist underwear was more than worth the administrative rigamarole. Whenever I think of Israeli underwear, though, my mind goes to THE UNDERWEAR STORE-stop #1 on any trip to Tel Aviv-it's that hole in the wall across the street from the Castro outlet where they sell the Victoria Secret and Calvin Klein cast-offs (although I can rarely tell what's wrong with them). It's totally undignified, digging through piles and piles of underwear, but they're like 5 for 10 shek!-which of course ruins me because no matter the sale in the US I feel ripped off purchasing underwear at an actual Victoria Secret. Uh...I don't think those styles would be all that comfortable under bigde bets, though.
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