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I am Na'vi. Part of the Omaticaya people, I live on Pandora with my people, and my mate Jake, we once lived in a time of great sorrow, where the skypeople came to our planet to retrieve what they wanted. With the help of Eywa we defeated them and they were forced to leave our planet, some were asked to stay, like my Jake who now lives as a Na'vi in body and soul. I see you.
Interests: being with my people, the omaticaya, flying with my ikran, connecting with the spirit tree eywa, being with jake, connecting with the forest, bonding with the creatures of pandora.
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Oe-l nga-ti kame-ie. To those who do not understand the language of my people this means, I see you. My name is Neytiri, I am part of the Omaticaya people, a clan of Na'vi on the moon Pandora. We live in peace here, among the animals that inhabit this land. Thanators, Ikrans, Titanothere are some of these creatures. On Pandora we Na'vi have a connection or a bond with these animals, this bond is know to my people as the Tsahaylu, we use our Lekku, to make this bond with animals. I tought Jake about this, first with horses then... Continue reading
Posted Jan 3, 2010 at Neytiri's blog
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Posted Jan 3, 2010 at Neytiri's blog
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