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And they excoriate Jeff Sessions while endorsing this Farrakhan disciple.....
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How long has it been since you fell on your head?
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ya gotta hold your nose and vote for Kirk on this one---
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SEIU- need anyone say more?
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SEIU---need anyone say more?
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I'd ask the challenger to provide Scriptural evidence that Jesus considered Himself a sinful man or that He became a disciple of John the Baptist. Remember that the gospels were written by eyewitnesses or were recorded as eyewitness statements and were in circulation during the lifetime of those who directly encountered Jesus and /or his disciples. Any claims such as those made by the challenger would necessarily have been reported.But they were not...
OK. Let's go with that. Charge them with fraud and the entire world will watch the trial. Guaranteed to be better than OJ
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Jul 30, 2015