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I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this topic, Bridgette. I, too, have been spending some windshield time thinking about this juxtaposition of CBE and core standards. The purpose of my comment is to explore further the idea of "core learning" as a part of a competency-based education system. I'm wondering if there are a few things the broader education community might agree on. For all students, there does exist a core set of things everyone should know, however the list might be limited to a very small list, a certain level of literacy and mathematical understanding in lower elementary, for example. Beyond these limited examples, my guess is the jury is still out. I believe Schmoker advocates for a very small set of core learning. We probably all have our biases on what this "core learning" set should include. Should our students be required to learn about the solar system? how a bill becomes a law in D.C? surface area and volume? exposure to classic literature? A part of me says that if we cannot agree on a core learning canon, it doesn't matter if we label it "standards" or "competencies." Another part of me suggests we live in an era with national and state standards, so pushing forward a less idealistic framework that takes these standards into consideration might make sense. I look forward to your response and reading others' comments as well.
That means no matter how hard I work, I'm never going to be rewarded for my efforts in the way that I think I deserve. Even many higher education institutions have built-in mechanisms (like it or not) to reward professional growth and recognition - promotions from assistant to associate professor, distinguished chairs, rotating department chair responsibilities, etc. When will P-12 education catch up?
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What's the status on getting more ed. leadership academics on board to really get this train moving? If there's only two (McLeod and Nash) in Iowa and less than a dozen across the country (per previous conversation with Scott), then it sounds like there's plenty of room for improvement in the administrator-prep category, too.
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Dec 1, 2009