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Sarah Almaraz
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Sarah Almaraz added a favorite at Post the Love
Dec 11, 2010
Sarah Almaraz added a photo at Post the Love
This is my first post on post the love! I think this is a beautiful and creative idea. People are so afraid to here's my post for today....after a year apart I find out that my first and only boyfriend (now ex) has a girlfriend now. When I found out my heart broke all over again I didn't realize how much I was in love with him still. So to Jay G. you will forever and always be my first and only love......I Love You Neno & I hope that we can be together again one they say..."If you really love a person let them go and if it was meant to was meant to be..." <3
Dec 11, 2010
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Dec 11, 2010
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Dec 11, 2010