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Dallas is becoming less valuable to inventors as well. I had far fewer meetings this year, as most of the companies you mentioned above did not have inventor relations representatives at the show either. Due to prototype schedules etc, we generally have to choose between either attending Dallas, or going to the individual company fairs in LA. Having it all in LA would be helpful in that regard.
The Lemelson Foundation is great! A friend and I applied for and received a grant from them in college to work on our own innovative product as a Senior Design Project instead of doing one of the regular corporate assigned ones. Now that friend and I run our own business inventing toys. Good luck at your talk, Kim. I'm sure you'll be great. Thanks for being so supportive of the inventor community!
WOW! I knew there were a lot of toy inventors in Chicago, but had no idea there were that many. Thanks to all of the original big guys up there that started it all. You essentially created toy inventing as an industry and made it possible for companies like mine to exist. My company, SG Labs, is close to Chicago - only a few hours south of there in Illinois. Two of our inventions on the shelf this year are Techno Source's Rubik's Slide and Cra-Z-Art's Electra Doodle. If Chicago isn't the toy inventing capital of the world, I don't know where else would be!
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Oct 21, 2010