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Speaking as a male survivor of sexual abuse, it is both interesting and sad that your message to your sons is not about telling them that they have the right to say "no" to anyone touching their bodies, or that their "no" should be respected, or that girls and other boys should respect their personal boundaries. No, instead, your message is that they should step in to help girls, and apparently only girls, if any boys, and apparently only boys, do something wrong. That is such a bad message to send, and it truly sad to see a parent more concerned about teaching her sons not to be rapists rather than teaching them that no one has the right to rape them. The latter message does more to make people stand up because it teaches them that if you do not want it done to you, you should not do it others. Instead, you are teaching them their "no" is not as important as protecting girls.
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2013 on A Letter To My Sons About Stopping Rape at Ask Moxie
Well, that is interesting. I did not expect providers to list a blog discussing sexual violence against males as a "hate" site while they list a site like manboobz "blogging." is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 14, 2013