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Interests: waste, efficiency, tax rates etc
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A staggering £30 million in taxes went uncollected by councils across the Westcountry last year. The figure, revealed in a report compiled by the union GMB, has prompted calls for a new law to lead a crackdown on council and business tax evaders across the region. Campaigners say the money,... Continue reading
Aberdeen City Council came under fire from a sheriff yesterday after the authority launched a legal battle against itself in court. Sheriff Colin Harris threatened to dismiss the action being fought between two council departments over plans to create a hostel for the homeless at Tillydrone. He said it belonged... Continue reading
A pressure group set up to scrutinise government spending is to open its first Scottish branch, in Aberdeen. The TaxPayers’ Alliance said it needed a presence in the north-east because of the “profligacy” of the region’s public bodies. It wants the public to join its “fight against high taxes and... Continue reading
IN THE labyrinthine pit of endless bureaucratic red tape and politically-correct daftness of local government, we find something new to marvel at. We now discover that Aberdeen City Council has found a way to sue itself. It is not unheard of for a council to resort to law, in a... Continue reading
BBC Trust boss Sir Michael Lyons has been accused of hypocrisy after calling for cuts in spending while running up £8,000 of hotel bills in six months. Taxpayers' Alliance boss Matthew Elliott said: "It's rich that while he demands the BBC slash costs he's been staying in first-rate hotels courtesy... Continue reading
MORE than £1.5billion a year could be saved straight away under radical proposals unveiled today to slash the benefits bill and get people back to work. Even more would be clawed back in years to come under the plan, which includes redefining the official poverty line, thereby lowering the minimum... Continue reading
The inner-city gangsters, including members of Birmingham’s notorious Johnson Crew and the Burger Bar Boys, have been plundering the public purse for three generations, running up the huge bill for prison, health and probation costs for more than 30 years. The figure for those costs alone is equal to nearly... Continue reading
TOWN hall bosses are spending 25% of British council tax on fattening up their workers’ pension pots. There is a £5billion black hole in local authority finances which the taxpayer will have to plug. And while local councils are boosting their own gold-plated pensions, the Government is looking at raising... Continue reading
Benefits handouts should be radically simplified to save the taxpayer billions, a think-tank report said yesterday. It called for a single payment to replace more than 50 benefits and tax credits. In a revamped system a couple without children earning less than £200 a week would get the new single... Continue reading
Taxpayers' groups have accused UK councils of breaching civil liberties after it was found that they have been going through rubbish to compile social profiles. A Freedom of Information request from the Daily Mail discovered at least 90 authorities have been secretly screening the contents of bins in order to... Continue reading
A MUM held in a police cell for five hours for refusing to hand back a £3.99 cricket ball will not face a theft charge. Prosecutors have admitted that Lorretta Cole, who all along insisted she kept the ball to teach local children a lesson, was not acting dishonestly. But... Continue reading
Council officers have been slammed for using speed guns to enforce a 5mph speed limit at a rubbish dump . King's Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council has spent £1,800 on a device normally used by police to catch motorway speeders. Anyone caught breaking the limit three times will be... Continue reading
They thought they were pioneers of the new digital age. But when council chiefs spent a massive £36,000 building a virtual town hall there was only one problem - hardly anybody used it. Bosses at Tameside Council, in Greater Manchester, were persuaded to set up an office in Second Life,... Continue reading
FROM the outside it looks like any other tower block. But a trip to the third floor shows just how deceptive appearances can be. Complete with Oyster card reader, platform, PA system, staff and a map to show "passengers" where they are, a station has been created with all the... Continue reading
A DIRECTOR of the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital Trust is earning £240,000 a year - more even than the Prime Minister. Professor Timothy Evans is medical director and deputy chief executive of the foundation trust. This week, the trust defended the annual salary, saying Professor Evans was worth it.... Continue reading
Drivers in the Thames Valley have forked out millions of pounds in fines for motoring offences in just one year, however funding pressures may lead to the borough’s speed cameras being switched off. The partnership behind enforcement for issues such as speeding and jumping red lights is facing dramatic pressures... Continue reading
Magic tricks were taught to unruly children in a £500,000 government scheme branded a waste of money by critics. The Fast Forward initiative, which received a £450,000 grant, sent children from four Stoke-on-Trent schools to a magic show. Children aged between 12 and 13 who were deemed to have "confidence... Continue reading
A GROUP of councillors have been slammed for going on a "fact-finding" mission to a strip club. The 13 officials visited Temptations T2 to make "informed decisions" about licensing laws. Cornwall Council sent 11 men and two women to the club in Plymouth. But locals are furious and a spokesman... Continue reading
SCOTLAND's largest police force was criticised yesterday amid claims one of its part-time doctors is earning £250,000 a year. Politicians and campaigners reacted with fury to allegations that a Strathclyde Police surgeon was collecting £5,000 a week. The unnamed Glasgow GP's tasks include declaring suspects medically fit for interview. Senior... Continue reading
PAY rises for staff with salaries of more than pounds 90,000 working at the Assembly Commission will be handed out - despite the UK Government's pay freeze. The increases will be implemented this year and next at the corporate body responsible for running the National Assembly in Cardiff Bay. Around... Continue reading
LESSONS in magic for classroom troublemakers costing almost half a million pounds of taxpayers' money were branded a "joke" yesterday. The "unruly" kids, aged 12 and 13, learnt to cut a pack of cards and how to make it look like they had reattached two pieces of string. Then they... Continue reading
COUNCILLORS were slammed yesterday for spending taxpayers' cash on a "fact-finding" trip to a pole-dancing club. The 13 officials including two women went to Temptations T2 in Plymouth, Devon, to help them make "informed decisions" regarding new licensing laws. They refused to reveal the cost but said the visit was... Continue reading
A GROUP of Welsh civil servants has been given pay rises, flying in the face of the UK Government's public sector wage freeze. About 300 employees at the Assembly Commission, including some earning more than pounds 90,000 a year, have received a 1.4% rise backdated to April, and will receive... Continue reading
The head of the NHS in the North-East has been appointed to oversee the Government’s radical health service reforms. Joe Willis spoke to Ian Dalton about the proposals. THE NHS is facing one of the biggest overhauls in its 62- year history. Under plans announced by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley,... Continue reading
The outgoing chief executive of Wandsworth Council saw his pay packet skyrocket by more than £50,000 in one year. The newly-published council accounts revealed Gerald Jones’ total remuneration jumped from £305,746 in 2008/2009 to £356,891 in 2009/2010 - while his fellow bigwigs also raked in huge pay rises. Battersea and... Continue reading