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AMMONIA got half the energy density of gasoline, NOT twice. Ammonia is a very toxic gas to inhale. Since it a gas it got very low volumetric density, or would require cryogenic storage systems. If those guys take internet suggestions as what to synthesize, I personally would suggest butanol for fuel applications;)
Lad, Chinese held second place in number of published peer reviewed papers few years ago. Very close to US and way ahead of any other country. By now they probably exceeded US in terms of scientific research output. So US cooperating with China, another leader in science do make sense. It is great that US is cooperating with China. And vice versa. Cells would be produced where it makes most economical sense to make them. Now China is 3d biggest li-ion cells producer in the world, behind Japan and Korea, but Chinese market share is growing fast. Translating mAh/g into Wh/Kg is easy. But totally pointless. Reason is that this and many articles like this talks about electrodes capacities. Without taking other electrode into account, electrolyte, separator and cell casing. You could not compare electrode(cathode/anode) with 140Wh/Kg, which is cell level specific energy. But since you asking, here is a link for you: You can use 2.15V for Li-S cells.
SJC, it is not a problem to produce million or billion of gallons of synthetic gasoline from biomass. Basic technology is known for more then half a century. Real problem is to produce whatever number of synthetic gasoline gallons ECONOMICALLY. And I fully agree with Brotherkenny4. So far looks like DOE doing a good job. But success is not granted and not 100% dependent on DOE actions/strategies/funding availability.
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Sep 15, 2013