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This is a wonderfully cogent post. Extremely well thought out and said. Bridgette’s vision for an educational system is what I want for my child and for all the children in my community!
Bridgette - this is beautifully done! I'm starting to get scared because we think alike about so many things! Your clicks and clunks make total sense. In essence: - the approach must be systemic (more on that in my own blog post! :-) ); -we must throw aside factory-age assertions that somehow remain in this document (Is it to appease those who don't quite understand that the world has made such an approach obsolete?); -it is more about culture and not mandated meetings or assembling an all-star team that will "rise all boats"; -a bold vision for competency based schools and diplomas as a "Holy cow, we can't get there from here" goal. Remember - how you keep "score" dictates both the game you play and how you play it. If the "scores" remain similar or extensions of the past game, we will continue playing the old game. Not good. -I thought the same thing, innovation seems to be thrown in as an afterthought and, as proposed, will create haves and have nots. Walk away or sign? Given Jason Glass' openness to this point and the fact that there are glimmers of transformational efforts embedded in the blueprint - sign is the right approach. At the end of the day - no transformationally-focused educator is going to stop their work to wait for this to flesh out, but rather try to be the pace-setter and map maker. I, personally, love making maps and charting new territory!! Thanks for this important contribution! Trace Pickering
An interesting comparison, Christian. . . and frighteningly accurate yet we continue to rapidly build both prisons and schools as if that's the only way to solve problems of criminality and learning. Was probably good training back in the day when one went from the pea green walls of the school to the pea green walls of the factory to do repetitive, simple, monotonous, and unthinking tasks obediently and silently taking directions from the boss. . . wait, lost my train of thougth. Was I making a point about schools or prisons? Time to create environments where creativity, divergent thinking, hypotheses testing, and trial and error are encouraged, required, and rewarded. Thanks!
Bridgette, I agree - in the past we (the proverbial profession and loose coalition of transformationalists) have quietly supported and hoped our brave colleague would somehow survive a big change. While fear of "drawing fire" is certainly a factor, the lack of tools to keep us connected was certainly another factor. Twitter provides one way that I can revive and renew my spirits and stay committed. While I haven't personally met a lot of my Twitter friends, I know more about how they think, what they love, and how they think than many that I work with every day. I think we need to utilize and leverage this network in both helping us to formulate our plan as we make public our changes and then supporting the heck out of each other in any way we can once it starts. Another key is to quietly and consistently implement what we can - not in a secretive, subversive way - but in a way that doesn't shine a light in the eyes of people waiting for the next idea to kill or maim. At some point, the success and impact of the small experiments and work begins to speak for itself. There is no doubt that the heat is going to continue to rise - we all must step forward. Old paradigms and regimes do not go away quietly and those who still believe that the machine-age, reductionist thinking and worldview is still relevant will fight it to the bitter end.
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Feb 10, 2011