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OOooo, this is lunch. I'm lucky that I already had all the ingredients in the garden or in the fridge! How frustrating for you with the dietician and trying to figure out what he can eat! I have a friend who just published a book. Her website is . While she's type II, she knows more about it than anyone I've ever come across. You might also try bending the ears of the people at forums. People come there for all kinds of reasons, from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis to Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics to normal people doing any one of a dozen ways of eating. It's a good place to read and ask questions.
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This is very interesting. I have always loved risotto but can no longer eat this, because I can't eat rice. Not sure that I can eat barely either; but maybe someday! And I thought of you the other day, Katie, when my neighbor told me he'd been Type 1 until he had a pancreas transplant. Do you know if that's a possibility?
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