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I've always like Moneyball when the book came out. The problem I'm going to have is how to approach the ending. It's clear Billy Beane was a creative GM, but there are 2 problems arising: One, the Florida Marlins and Tampa Rays made it to the World Series. Tampa is the subject of Jonah Keri's book, The Extra 2%, that overtakes Moneyball as the best sports book I read, although there are similar traits. The second problem is Billy Beane became big-headed and an egomaniac after the book was released, although he had 1 successful season after the book was released (2006). This movie would of been effective in 2005. Now? it seems outdated.
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I like an idea of an internal draft. Is there going to be a prize for the last pick like they do in the NHL All-Star Game? I think this might be a great idea for the team and potentially the individual who was picked last, but must have a strong mindset or it could fall apart.
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It depends on what field you're looking at. I don't mind a conference mashup but there are certain fields you can do this. Nonprofits are the best to setup since they're mission-driven. The public sector is another good one as well since it's under one roof. The private sector is tough because there's a lot of competition and talent could be taken away and rivalries can start (which is not a bad thing, but not good for your purpose on this post). Simply, there needs collaboration and cooperation among organizations. The latter is the biggest selling point.
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Sep 24, 2010