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...that would be, if you have less than half the amount you need of evaporated milk to make half milk half water... oh bother. If you mix half water and half evaporated milk and still don't have as much "milk" as the recipe calls for, add (actual) milk until you have enough. there. Hopefully it is less confusing now. Sorry about that!
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Rather than pitch the evaporated milk, you could use it in chowder. Just pour the leftover evaporated milk into your measure, and add up to the same amount of water and substitute for the milk in the recipe, If you have less than half the amount you need, add milk to the full amount.
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Sounds fabulous, and I will try this soon! A little cinnamon and coffee goes a long way in a chocolate pie, in my experience. If you get experimental again, you might want to try one or both of those.
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Jan 3, 2011