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Trusty rusty surf steed and a nice little wave...Thalia St, Laguna Dedication...and mad respect. I shot this one as I was leaving Olamendi's in Dana Point. Best mexican food in Orange County. Locked up flops and cruiser...Crystal Pier, San Diego I'm not sure who Jessica is, but she's a very lucky girl to be living on Oahu...Waimea Bay, North Shore All photo credits go to the Bikeacks crew Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2010 at BikeHacks
Image credit goes to Rohto A couple of weeks ago Bikehacks ran a post on active lifestyle products that can help make you more comfortable in the saddle or even in your office chair. Depending on your line of work/lifestyle, eye strain and irritation may be part of daily life...even if you don't wear glasses or contacts. I have been using eyedrops on and off for a few years now and have tried quite a few different brands...most recently I've been using Naphcon A. For the past couple of weeks however, I have been using Rohto Ice eyedrops. The product... Continue reading
Posted Aug 29, 2010 at BikeHacks
Photo via PterosailPterosail (pronounced terra-sail) is a company out of North Liberty, Iowa making these recumbant/sail cycles. The company's mission is " give everyone the opportunity to experience the pleasure of using the wind to rediscover the Great Outdoors". The front wheels provide stability for the sail...capable of speeds up to 35mph depending on wind speed. Pterosails are available direct for around $5499usd. On July 1, Pterosail co-creator and CEO John MacTaggart started riding his machine across the southern portion of the US from San Diego CA to Saint Augustine FL. The route he's traveling will take him over 3000... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2010 at BikeHacks
Screenshot credit goes to BikebymeBikebyme is a custom bike builder out of Huskvarna Sweden. Their site allows you to customize the components of your ride offering a nice selection of colors. Judging by their site (I don't speak Swedish) it appears as though you make your selections and they will build it for you...all for around $785usd Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2010 at BikeHacks
Artist Hannes Langeder has created this incredible bikehack thats way beyond a scraper bike. Using sticky tape, plastic pipes, and aluminum foil Hannes built this Porsche GT3 RS. With the GT3 RS you can roll in a Porsche sans emissions. Check the video to see what this thing can do out on the track... The GT3 RS is currently on display at the Museum of Art Linz in Austria. Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2010 at BikeHacks
Pedaling a rickshaw isn't the easiest task in the world, especially when its loaded with a couple of occupants. This rickshaw driver from Nepal came up with a better(?) solution...install a windmill to help propel the pedicab. The windmill consists of a metal drum that is designed to catch the wind and drive a gear attached to the rear wheel with a side-mounted gear. I'm not a physicist, but wouldn't this create additional drag? Here's the tag from the video: Big drum on top of rickshaw rotates as rickshaw moves forward. It observes wind and supports driver to move forward.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2010 at BikeHacks
While the Monsterbike may not be the best for tackling hills or going fast, it would certainly teach an important lesson to anyone who doesn't check their mirror before opening their car door. Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2010 at BikeHacks
This might just be the worlds luckiest bike rider... Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2010 at BikeHacks
Photo credit goes to Bikehacks crew I was in Spokane, WA this last weekend for a friend's wedding...on the way to our hotel I spotted this ghost bike. Via cyclingspokane: The lonely vigil Of a pale reminder Marking a tragedy That need not have happened. Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2010 at BikeHacks
Image credit goes to KickstandBrooklyn Kickstand mobile coffee is Aaron Davis, Peter Castelein, and Neal a coffee stand delivering hand crafted drip coffee straight out of Brooklyn. Their stand is completely collapsible, and when its broken down they pull it behind two old salvaged bikes. The operation is minimalist, but also very efficient and entertaining to watch each made to order cup of joe. The coffee is all ground by hand (to order) and the water is heated with a propane burner. Kickstand is committed to providing the best possible cup of coffee to community events in NYC with... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2010 at BikeHacks
Bellingham, WA is a small town in north western Washington with a population of around 75,150. Its the gateway to Mt Baker and home to Western Washington University...this town also has a thriving bicycle culture. I travelled there recently to visit my cousin, but also to check out the scene for myself. All photo credits go to Bikehacks Nice rack... Hacked helmet Fiamma hauling a load The bikes are's the red mohawk Love the lion taped onto the handlebars Bike rack at the Bellingham Farmers Market The market has a nice assortment of local produce, crafts, music, and jewelry.... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2010 at BikeHacks
April 28, 2010...Utrecht, 4th largest city in the Netherlands where 33% of all trips here are made by bicycle. No less than 18,000 bicycles pass here daily...the video is 8mins that have been compressed down into 2mins, enjoy! Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2010 at BikeHacks
Photo credits go to Hugger Industries via Flickr Eugene OR based Burley introduces the Travoy, a different kind of cargo hauling trailer partially inspired by Native Americans. This very versatile trailer attaches to the seat post instead of the frame, and easily hauls loads up to 60lbs at a 45deg angle...redistributing the weight of the load for easier riding. The tote bags are secured to the frame with quick-release buckles, and the trailer breaks down to fit inside. This grocery go-getter includes one bag and two tie-down straps for $289usd. Available at your local Burley dealer, or on Amazon Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2010 at BikeHacks
All photo credits go to Andrea The Springer is a spring-loaded arm that attaches to the seatpost of your ride, enabling you to bike with your pooch. I was speaking with Andrea (a friend of mine) a little while back about the Springer and she bought one for her bicycle. Now her and her German Shepherd Haley are hooked on it. She even mailed Bikehacks a great product write-up on how her and Haley roll. As anyone with a highly active breed knows, giving your dog the quantity and quality of exercise they need is not an easy task. After... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2010 at BikeHacks
All image credits go to uponafold Just how much does Japanese deisgner Shinichi Iwami love bicycles? Enough to have 1/24 scale kits laser-cut out of 0.5mm black paper with enough precision and detail that they require a scalpel, tweezers, glue, instructions, and nerves of steel to assemble. This tiny paper 'boneshaker' is part of a series called 'micro museum' and is available for purchase at uponafold for only $44aud. The bicycle is 75mm when its fully assembled and is mailed in an envelope. Happy cutting! Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2010 at BikeHacks
All image credits go to buzz-beast This interesting Lexus concept bicycle runs more like a Prius. Pedaling is performed via the 8-speed electric shifting internal gear system. When you need a little 'extra help' the carbon fiber hybrid ride also contains a 240 watt electric motor powered by a 25.9 volt lithium-ion battery. The battery can be recharged in a brisk two hours. The battery can also charged by the regenerative braking system that uses kinetic energy from the brakes to generate electricity. The bicycle also has an all-wheel drive set-up. For now, there are no current plans for production Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2010 at BikeHacks
The Grime: 420 Edit from Mike Schmitt The Grime crew...footage of fixies in NYC, all shot on 4/20/10 Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2010 at BikeHacks
If you live/bike in the Portland metro area be aware that thieves have figured out another way to steal your ride. Your bike may not be fully scure if you park at one of the city's 4000 'staple-style' bicycle racks. Recently some of these racks in a Goose Hollow parking garage were discovered to be loose. According to KGW "...the thieves were able to loosen the garage staple with a simple ratchet set". For proper locking tips and techniques check out Haz Ruzal's matter where you ride, bike safe park safe. Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2010 at BikeHacks
Image credits go to carbonfibergear What is the end result when Formula One engineers redesign a bicycle? The Factor 001. The carbon fiber composite ride is very light weighing in at 7.4kg. Your wallet will also be light after dropping $34,000...$40,000+ for the model with integrated electronics. Each frame can be custom fitted to your body type and physical abilities and takes a team of six engineers one week to assemble. The production of these cycles is limited to only a few hundred...available at Harrods Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2010 at BikeHacks
In Tokyo bikes are everywhere. Because space is so limited in this city of over 12 million (35 million if you count the Greater Tokyo area), a lot of the cycles that I saw were folding. Enjoy the pics, all photo credits go to the Bikehacks crew. Electric assist I saw a lot of these circle-style locks...just effective enough to prevent someone from riding away on it Morning commute The cherry blossoms were out in the city, it was beautiful Lean mean green folding machine Going nowhere fast City shot Nice banana Adds character Effective lock job? An Indian in... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2010 at BikeHacks
I recently returned from a trip from Seoul and Tokyo. Although the time I spent in Seoul was short and it was raining, I still managed to get off a few shots of bike culture in this Korean city of over 10million. Nice rearview, however its a fail on the lock job This folding bike had an unusual seat cover with adhesive, not sure if its a parking permit? Seriously hacked trailer...would love a pic of this one fully loaded Not too many people out riding in the rain Flat tire Hacked rack + a rearview that will provide a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2010 at BikeHacks
Via Liveleak this crew throws down some nice tricks/photography in their giant sandbox...enjoy! > Our mountain is a giant sandbox...All I want to do is shred...if you build a berm, I will destroy on the trails...I love this ish!! Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2010 at BikeHacks
All photo credits go to Erik Björk Erik Björk is an industrial designer from Sweden and holds a Bachelors in Furniture Design that he earned attending Carl Malmsten CTD. He strives for sustainable design solutions that are not too experimental and not too conventional utilizing low cost materials. One such solution is what he calls DIYWBC. What does that acronym stand for you may ask...well, it stands for Do It Yourself Wooden Bicycle (Version 1)! Erik is a mountain biker in his spare time, and his love for bikes shows with his DIYWBC project. Erik describes the DIYWBC in his... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2010 at BikeHacks
There are many different designs and ideas for bicycle parking...some are very simple and effective, while others are very elaborate and far more costly than your standard bike rack. Photo credits go to the Bikehacks crew I spotted these metal storage lockers at a mall here in Portland...they completely hide any bike from beater to Bianchi. There is also extra room in them for a bag or backpack along with your whip. After seeing these, I found this video of a fully automated parking structure in Japan (via Liveleak) > While the bicycle lockers seem secure, the latter appears to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2010 at BikeHacks
Photo credits go to Biknd How do you haul your bike on a long distance trek (short of riding it)? There are a few ways to tote your pedal-powered friend along with you when traveling by air, sea, or land. Buy a folding bike, buy an S&S system, buy a hard case, or buy the new Helium bike case from Biknd. THE HELIUM BIKE CASE was created for globetrotters who travel with their bicycles on airplanes, trains or buses. Traveling with a bicycle has never been this simple: the Helium is light and easy to carry and its revolutionary inflatable... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2010 at BikeHacks