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Personally, I don't think the second pick was a bad decision. It was a bad throw, it was underthrown and needed to be more upfield. The throw that was to Collier in the 4th Q was a good decision, almost the same pattern, but a little too strong on the throw. If that type of throw is made on the second INT it's either incomplete or a TD. 1st INT: bad decision. 2nd INT: good decision , but bad throw. Great job by the O-line and D-line. he who controls the line of scrimmage will more than likely win. Jacory, kept his cool and Whipple got him in line pretty quickly. A lot of positives in this game (some neagtives, but this win is to be enjoyed.) I hope they can handle the spotlight that comes with this win better than last time.
Back to the point.... Tight end is a concern for this year, but it just means you shape the offense around your strengths a little more - a lot of WR's and RB's that can catch out of the backfield (James & Cooper). Then, recruit and develop talent for next year and the succesive years thereafter. My opinion, which is just an opinion, is that you recruit your positions in cycles every 2-years, with the exception that you go for top tier talent regardless of position with the first 5 or 6 scholarships.
Charlie Jones is what he is: an average college football player. However, constant coaching changes never are good for the development of any player. Still, the recruits didn't pan out for several reasons: overrated, coaching and lack of heart. Any current player who gets upset or psyched out because of a coach saying a recruit is going to take your job isn't ready for the competition and is in the wrong place. Simply look at the number of players drafted the last couple of years. Shannon has been very up front about his plans - he has weeded out players who aren't competitiors or don't take it seriously and has recruited players who do. He has made some bad decisions on the coordinator jobs - these hires seem to be good ones, but we need to see them prepare and coach in game action. Further, Shannon was saddled with painfully average QB's in Wright and Kirby and then had Freshman in his first two years. One of which clealry lacked the mettle to be a major college player. BTW, Harris played because he could and Shannon had NO qb's with any playing experieince and he wanted to get his qb's some- Schnellenberger and Bowden have done the smae thing before. Sometimes, things are just what they are and all the "chatter" is just that. Still, everything is going in the right direction, but UM needs one more recruiting class and some continuity in the coordinators. There is more experience, depth and talent on this team and it will be interesting to see what they do this year. Finally, Rivals and Scout are a scam. Someone please explain to me how this group of self-appointed "recruiting experts" has any legitimacy. As if recruiting didn't occur before they existed. Focker out!